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We're glad you came by, and we look forward to checking out your site to make sure that it lives up to the standards that we wish to uphold with our web-ring. Please check out the rules before sending in the form to add your site to the ring.

You must go to this other place to give a bunch of info. This would be a good time to download the graphics that make up the ring because they are right on the form page! Be sure to copy that text at the bottom of the page where you get your ID!
Submit your address to the ring by clicking here to get to the form and give vital info!

Before you can come back to this page you will have already verified the stuff that you entered in the form. When you are given an "ID" number, that page also contains the code already made up and ready for you to copy and paste right to your page! So just copy and paste that code where you want it to show, at the same address you gave on the form. The ring graphics are also at that page, but they are here too because this page is on the ring!

Check back periodically to see if we have added you! It won't be long because we'll keep an eye on the "queue".
Thanks so much for applying to be in our ring! I am looking forward to coming up with a few more specialty rings in the future as the need arises! If you find that you need to edit the info that you gave us when first applying, then simply whip out your id number and password and use them to edit your site here.

Need help? please email us with your question!

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